Our Team

Pastors,  Staff and Elders

Mike Hammer

Lead Pastor

Mike does the speaking thing, mostly. He also works on plans for the church. And likes superheroes.

Ben Call

Worship Pastor and Finances

Everybody likes Ben! He does the music stuff and the money stuff. If you ever need a sour gummy worm, visit Ben in his office. 

Dani Dudash

Breiel Kids Director

Dani heads up the Kids things like Breiel Kids, VBS, etc. And she's literally on her way to being a doctor!

Kristin King

Breiel Kids Assistant

Kristin helps to make the Kids things happen and crushes it! Talk to her about racing and Panera Bread ALL pastries. 

Mary Galdeen

Administrative Ministry Support

Mary oversees and assists with the various needs in the office and keeps a lot of plates spinning. Ask her to do a magic trick for you!

Robin Fultz

Ministry Advisor

Robin brings a lot of insight to what we do in various ministry areas. She also bakes cookies. A lot. A LOT. 

Jill Agee

Facilities Coordinator/Manager

Jill helps to make us look good and ready for what we do in the building.

Bill Agee & Ray Bowman

Co-Coordinators for Facility Care

Bill and Ray help to oversee a truly fantastic team that helps to keep everything updated and in good working order. They also LOVE that we put this on here.

Tawnya Bonnell


Tawnya brings oversight to what is given to Breiel Church, as well as helps to serve the Elder Board. She is great!


Randy Wolfe

Paul Gormas

Robin Fultz

Matt Nocton

Allison Campbell (Interim)

Cristy Hayes (Interim)

Mike Hammer