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Message: Blessed Are the Merciful
Matthew 5:7
7.16.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 7.16.17

Message: Righteousness Hits the Spot
James 1:14-15
7.9.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 7.11.17

Message: Happy are the Meek
Matthew 5:5
7.2.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 7.11.17

Message: Happy are the Sad
Matthew 5:4
6.25.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 7.11.17

Message: Happy Are the Humble
Matthew 5:3
6.18.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.18.17

Message: Salt Life
Only last 15min due to technical difficulties
6.11.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.14.17

Message: Graduation Sunday
6.4.17,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 6.14.17

Message: The Gospel Working in You
Colossians 4:2-6
5.28.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.4.17

Message: Christ and the Family
Colo. 3:18-4:1
5.21.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 5.21.17

Message:Rooted In Christ
Colo. 2:6-15
4.30.17,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 5.1.17

Message: I am Doing a New Thing
Isaiah 43: 18-19
4.16.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 4.17.17

Message: The Promise of Spiritual Maturity
James 1:2-4
4.9.17,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 4.10.17

Message: Faith Promise Sunday
4.2.17,  Kathi Sellers
Adjuct Professor
Anderson University

 Uploaded 4.9.17

Message: The Promises about the Future
(Phil 4:48)

3.26.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 4.9.17

Message: The Promise of the Holy Spirit
(John 14:15-31)

3.19.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 3.19.17

Message: More Than Conquerors
(Romans 8:37-39)

3.12.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 3.14.17

Message: The Promise of Wisdom
(James 1:5)

3.5.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 3.7.17

Message: You Can Take it To the Bank
(2 Corinthians 1:20)

2.26.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.26.17

Message: The Prayer of Faith (Praying Between the Rains)
(James 5:7-20)

2.19.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.25.17

Message: Shameless Audacity
(Luke 11:5-13)

2.12.17,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 2.12.17

Message: Prepare and Protect Us
(Matthew 6:13)

2.5.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.5.17

Message: The Audacity of Unforgiveness
(Matthew 6:9)

1.29.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.29.17

Message: Daily Bread
(Matthew 6:11)

1.22.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.25.17

Message: Your Kingdom Come
(Matthew 6:10)

1.15.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.19.17

Message:  Fatherhood and Prayer
(Matthew 6:9)

1.08.17,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.08.17

Sermon Audio for 6 weeks from Nov 20th through January 1 was unavailable due to the switch over in our Sound system.  New cabling and configuration has now been completed so the problem moving forward should be taken care of. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.  

Breiel Tech Team


Message:  Gospel Centered Stewardship
(Matthew 25:14-30)

11.13.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 11.13.16

Message:  Gospel Centered Community
(Acts 2:42-46)

11.6.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 11.07.16

Message:  Gospel Centered Speech
(James 3:1-12)

10.30.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.30.16

Message:  Gospel Centered Work
(Colossians 1:12-14)

10.23.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.2316

Message:  Gospel Centered Marriage
(Ephesians 5:21-33)

10.16.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.18.16

Message:  Gospel Centered Woman
(Psalm 46)

10.9.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.9.16

Message:  Gospel Centered Man
(Col 3:18-19)

10.2.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.3.16

Message:  Gospel Centered Emotions
(Psalm 42)

9.25.16,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 9.25.16

Message:  Gospel Centered Life
(Gal 2:20)

9.18.16,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 9.19.16

Message:  God's Church
(Eph 4:11-16)

9.11.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.11.16

Message:  God's Rest
(Hebrews 4:1-11)

9.04.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.7.16

Message:  Paul's Trials
(Acts 21:17-26:32)

8.28.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.11.16

Message:  Paul's Third Missionary Journey
(Acts 18:23-19:19)

8.21.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.7.16

Message:  Paul's First Missionary Journey
(Acts 13 & 14)

8.7.16,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 7.17.16

Message:  Gospel is the Glue
for Deep Friendships
(Acts 9:27, 11:22-24)

7.03.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 7.10.16

Message:  A Sending Church
(Acts 11:19-30)

6.26.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 7.10.16

Message:  Paul Meets Jesus
(Acts 9)

6.19.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.24.16

Message:  Let Your Past Declare His Glory
(Philippians 3:13-14)

6.12.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.15.16

Message:  Good News

5.29.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 5.29.16

Message:  Spirit Filled 

5.22.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 5.24.16

Message:  The Spirit and Wisdom (Acts 6:-7)

5.15.16,  Pastor Wes Duff
(5.8.16 Sermon Not Recorded)

 Uploaded 5.15.16

Message:  Never Stop (Acts 5:12-42)

5.01.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 5.02.16

Message:  Sin Defames God (Acts 5:1-11)

4.24.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 4.25.16

Message:  God is in Control (Acts 4:23-31)

4.17.16,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 4.18.16

Message:  Biblical Courage (Acts 4:1-13)

4.10.16,  Pastor Wes Duff
(No 4.3.16 Recorded Service due to Power outage)

 Uploaded 4.10.16

Message:  Because He Lives (John 14:18-19)

3.27.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 3.27.16

Message:  The King and The Priest

3.20.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 3.27.16

Message:  God's Boldness Gives Me Boldness

3.13.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 3.13.16

Message:  Church After God's Own Heart

3.6.16,  Pastor Wess Duff

 Uploaded 3.6.16

Message:  Jesus is the Subject

2.28.16,  Pastor Jim Lyon
General Director of the Church of God

 Uploaded 2.28.16

Message:  Something Beautiful
(Acts 3:1-10)

2.21.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.21.16

Message:  Fellowship from Above
(Acts 2:42-47)

2.14.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.14.16

Message:  Kingdom Fruit
(Acts 2:37-41)

2.7.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.7.16

Message:  The Spirt is Poured Out
(Acts 2:14-36)

1.31.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.31.16

Message:  The Church Is Born
(Acts 2)

1.24.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.24.16

Message:  Making Disciples Who Make Disciples

1.16.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.19.16

Message:  Where is Your Spot 2016
(John 14:15-24)

1.10.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.10.16

Message:  Where is Your Spot 2016
(John 14:21-25)
1.3.16,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.3.16

Message:  Where's Your Spot
(Psalm 119)

12.27.15,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 1.10.16

Message:  Love: God With Us
Matthew 1:1-17
12.6.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.10.16

Message:  God With Us
11.29.16,  Pastor Janet Rader

 Uploaded 1.10.16

Message:  Stronger Together (Ephesians 6:10-20)
11.15.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 11.15.15

Message:  Imitating Christ  Together (Ephesians 5:21-6:4)
11.08.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 11.11.15

Message:  Exposing Darkness Together (Ephesians 5:8-13)
11.01.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 11.01.15

Message:  Becoming New Together (Ephesians 4:20-32)
10.25.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.28.15

Message:  Pursuing Unity Together (Ephesians 4:1-13)
10.18.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.18.15

Message:  Praying Together (Ephesians 3:14-21)
10.11.15,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 10.28.15

Message:  Being RealTogether (Ephesians 2:19-22)
10.04.15,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 10.06.15

Message:  AdoptedTogether (Ephesians 1)
9.27.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.27.15

Message:  Moving Towards Maturity Together (Ephesians 4:14-16)
9.20.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.20.15

Message:  A Portrait of a Friend (1 Samuel 20)
9.06.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.6.15

Message:  Who are Your Friends
8.30.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 8.30.15

Message:  Service Testimony
8.23.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.6.15

Message:  When Heaven Rejoices
8.09.15,  Pastor Barry Shafer

 Uploaded 8.30.15

Message:  This Man Welcomes Sinners
8.02.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 8.30.15

Message:  VBS Celebration
7.26.15,  Pastor Tammy Call

 Uploaded 8.30.15

Message:  Keep Going
7.19.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 8.30.15

Message:  Hear and Obey (Exodus 24:7, James 1:22)
7.12.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 7.12.15

Message:  Worship Then Send Me (Isaiah 6:1-13)
7.05.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 7.05.15

Message:  Building Faith Through the Word of God
6.28.15,  Pastor Barry Shafer

 Uploaded 6.28.15

Message:  Graduation Sunday
6.14.15,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 6.21.15

Message:  Trusting in God for Everything (Romans 4:16-25)
6.07.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.07.15

Message:  A Little is a Lot (Luke 13:18-20)
5.31.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.07.15

Message:  Producing Believers (Luke 12:49-13:9)
5.17.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.09.15

Message: God's Love Story (Zephaniah 3:17)
5.10.15,  Pastor Janet Rader

 Uploaded 6.09.15

Message: Finish Well (Luke 12:35-46)
Baptism Sunday
5.03.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 6.09.15

Message:  Discovering the Heart of God (Luke 12:22-34)
4.26.15,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 4.26.15

Message:  Rich Toward God (Luke 12:13-21)
4.19.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 4.19.15

Message:  Clearly Christian (Luke 12:1-11)
4.12.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 4.22.15

Message:  Easter Sunday
4.05.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 4.16.15

Message:  Jesus the Gardener (John 20:11-18)
3.29.15,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 4.01.15

Message:  Blind Man (John 9)
3.22.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 4.01.15

Message:  Spiritual Dehydration (John 4)
3.08.15,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 3.08.15

Message:  Encounters: Jesus and Nicodemus (John 3:1-21)
3.01.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 3.02.15

Message:  Healthy Church
2.22.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.2215

Message:  Pure Hearts
2.15.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.2215

Message:  True Sign
2.08.15,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 2.08.15

Message:  No Neutral Ground
2.01.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 2.08.15

Message:  Justification
1.04.15,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.04.15

Message:  Spiritual Maturiy
12.28.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 12.29.14

Message:  Unexpected News
12.21.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded  12.29.14

Message:  Rejoice/Grace
12.14.14,  Pastor Janet Rader

 Uploaded 12.29.14

Message:  Rejoice/Fellowship
12.07.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 1.05.15

Message:  Rejoice
11.30.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 11.30.14

11.23.14 Was a Testimony Service and is available to check out in the church office

Message:  The Greater Joy

11.16.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 11.16.14

Message:  The Greater Joy
11.09.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 11.09.14

Message:  The Point of No Return
11.02.14,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 11.03.14

Message:  Greatness Redefined
10.26.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.26.14

Message:  Failure To Believe
10.19.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.19.14

Message:  A Glimpse Of Glory
10.12.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 10.12.14

Message:  Scandal
10.05.14,  Pastor Jake Garmany

 Uploaded 10.05.14

Message:  Identity of Jesus
09.28.14,  Kristan Dooley

 Uploaded 10.05.14

Message:  You Give Them Something To Eat
09.21.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.22.14

Message:  Nothing But the Gospel
09.14.14,  Pastor Wes Duff

 Uploaded 9.22.14

Message:  Sower
08.17.14,  Pastor Jake Garmany


08.10.14,  Pastor Barry Shafer


Message:  Generosity
08.03.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  It's a Small Thing
07.13.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Pastor 2x4
06.29.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Guest Pastor
06.15.14,  Dr. Mike Shannon


Message:  The Name That Is Above Every Name
05.25.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Baptism Sunday
05.18.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  The God of All Comfort
05.11.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Proclaiming Your Poverty
05.04.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Jesus' Companions
04.27.14,  Pastor Jake Garmany


Message:  New Life
04.20.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  God's Masterplan
04.13.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  The Dinner Party
04.06.14,  Dr. David Sebastian


Message:  Apples and Oranges
03.30.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  A Word for Troubled Hearts
03.23.14,  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Ecuador Missionaries, Jon and Karen Lambert
03.16.14, Moderator:  Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Reveal
03.09.14, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Won by One
03.02.14, Pastor Jake Garmany


Message:  Beginnings: Jesus is God and God Forgives
02.23.14, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Beginnings: HotSpot
02.16.14, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Beginnings: Deep Cries Out to Deep
02.09.14, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Beginnings: Know Your Enemy
02.02.14, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Beginnings: Can't Sit Here
01.26.14, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Spirit-Filled Beginnings
01.19.14, Pastor Jake Garmany


Message:  Beginnings Tested
01.12.14, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Beginnings Empowered
01.05.14, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  My Father's House
12.29.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Hopeful Eyes
12.22.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Heaven and Earth
12.15.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Mary's Song
12.08.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Promises
12.01.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Defining Thankfulness 
11.24.13, Various Testimonies


Message:  Seek the King Alone
11.17.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Unashamed Love
11.10.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Generosity and Extravagant Love
11.03.13, Pastor Jake Garmany


Message:  A Call To Purity
10.27.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  "Love > Hate"
10.20.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  The Family of God
10.13.13, Pastor Tammy Call 


Message:  Resting in Salvation, Trials and Obedience (Baptism Sunday) 
10.06.13, Pastors Tammy Call, Jake Garmany and Wes Duff


Message:  The Almighty Is Our Father
09.29.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Exact Representation
09.22.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  A Christ-Centered Life
09.15.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  A New Exodus
09.08.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Be Watchful
08.25.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Your Forever Family
08.18.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  More and More Like Jesus
08.11.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  A Godly Desire
08.04.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  Impress, Tie and Write
07.28.13, Pastor Wes Duff


Message:  God Pleasers 
07.21.13, Pastor Wes Duff


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