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Annex 10.30am - Our more laid-back worship environment. This venue is located in the gym, has a coffee bar and chair seating, with music led by our rockin’ house band. Worshipers are free to enjoy some coffee or snacks during service.

Sanctuary 10.45am - A top quality worship experience utilizing an array of traditional elements. Musical selections include choir pieces, classic hymns, gospel songs, and cherished choruses. This worship venue is located in the main sanctuary.


The choir meets for three quarters per year: fall, winter, spring. The choir's main role is to offer worship leadership in our services three weeks per month. The choir also prepares anthems and participates in large musical events throughout the year. Making lasting friendships and growing deeper in an understanding of the worship journey are just two of the many benefits of being part of this team. No audition required.

The praise band is made up of instrumentalists who lead worship in our Sunday services and special events. Instruments utilized are piano, keyboards, drums, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, brass and percussion. Strong ability to read music and/or play by ear are necessary. Band members are asked for a 2-3 week commitment per month. Auditions are required.

Praise teams are made up of vocalists who have strong abilities in both blending voice and solo voice. There are four praise teams, each with four vocalists who are asked to give a three month commitment per year. Auditions are required.

TECH TEAM(Sound, Lighting, Multi-Media)
Any individual who possesses abilities with multi-channel sound systems, stage and special effect lighting, Power Point and Pro Presenter are encouraged to be a part of this team. Training provided.

The drama ministry offers two types of opportunities for actors. Members can be a part of one or both areas according to their schedule and creative strengths.
1. Worship/Sketch Team: This team produces short sketches for worship services. Smaller casts are used with minimal props and sets. Most projects are prepared and rehearsed 2-3 weeks in advance. Auditions are required.
2. Special Events Team: This team is the core team for our larger musical productions. These productions give more people an opportunity to participate and hone their dramatic skills. These rehearsals begin 6-8 weeks prior to the production. Auditions are required.

Members of this team should be outgoing individuals who enjoy meeting people and making guests and regular attenders feel welcome. They should be very familiar with the facility so that they may assist in leading people to their destinations. Ushers who assist with valet parking should have a valid driver's license.

This is a five octave bell choir that participates in worship services about once per month and more often through the Christmas season. All ringers must have an average ability to read music.

1. Seasonal Decorating: This is a larger group of people who enjoy decorating and enhancing the looks of the church during special times of the year.
2. Theme Decorating: This is a smaller group of people who have the creative skills to put together decorative displays for special sermon themes and events throughout the facility.

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