Hear The Missionary Stories of Tim Downing and Learn How We as a Church Can Go All In.

My Church is a Family

Learn That the Church is a Family and What That Family Looks Like.

Who Is My Church?

Learn that answer to "Who Is My Church" and what that means for you as part of the body of Christ.

Morning of Hope

Learn The Meaning of Hope and How We Find Our Hope in Christ.

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Learn That Kingdom Love Brings Heaven To Earth.

Love God With All Your Strength

Learn How You Can Love God With Your Full Capacity.

Love God With All Your Mind

Learn that when you engage your mind, you experience God's love.

Love God With All Your Soul

Learn That Your Soul Was Made To Live In The Presence Of God.

Love God With All Your Heart

Learn how to love God with all your heart.

Love God With Your Everything

Learn what it means to love God with your everything.

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