Why We Fight

The Pressure of Trials

Pastor Wes explains how having joy and faith in our suffering helps us to grow in our faith and our relationship with Christ. Suffering is our opportunity to grow!

Loading up on Courage from Jesus

Pastor Wes explains how we will need courage to be an overcomer. This courage comes from Jesus having already overcoming the world. We follow his example in overcoming the dark systems designed by the enemy. Jesus loads us up with unlimited courage.

Jesus Approved Discipleship

Pastor Wes explains how Jesus has called us to bear fruit. We are commanded to show ourselves disciples by loving one another. Loving one another in sacrificial ways is a marker of discipleship. Loving people so they grow closer to God and mature in Christ is the fruit of the kingdom. This only happens when we (disciples) remain in him.

If you love me…

Pastor Wes explains how the Father gave Jesus words that our love relationship with Jesus is tied to our obedience.

Intimacy With Jesus

Pastor Wes explains how we need to accept and adjust to Jesus' invitation to intimacy.

An Invitation to Start Over

Pastor Wes explains that we are called to be disciples and make disciples. A disciple is someone who is learning about Jesus, living out the ways of Jesus and leading others to do the same.

Pastor Wes explains why it is better to be a peacemaker.